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The Shark Ark Project is an independent, privately funded, community based conservation project. Our aim is to provide and maintain a Shark research vessel that will be FREE of charge for Australian Marine Biologists to use as a mother ship for marine science projects around Australia. It is our dream that this research will help create shark sanctuaries within the breeding nurseries of the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park and with YOUR help, in your backyard as well.
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Shark Bay Shark Sanctuary

Help us build the support for a Shark Bay Shark Sanctuary in this World Heritage Marine Park.

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Planning an expedition to film sharks in Australia? You need FINN Films.

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A Small Boat Cruising Guide to Shark Bay

160 pages of valuable information, whether it be a small boat, sail or combination of the two. Location guides to the best anchorages and features in the Gulf, Henri Freycinet Harbour and Dirk Hartog Island. Historical and geographical background, as well as fishing tips. GPS waypoints and maps will make your next cruising holiday a breeze.

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