FINN Films is the brainchild of avid ocean lovers and epic adventurers, Shayne Thompson and Leon Deschamps.

Their aquatic aptitude comes from a lifetime spent on and in the sea fishing and filming commercially. FINN Films offers a range of services to multimedia platforms wanting to film in the Shark bay World Heritage Wilderness, Western Australia and beyond including.
  • Camera/Lighting and Sound support.
  • Unique and 100% exclusive wildlife stock footage including sharks, dolphins, dugongs, whales, manta rays and more.
  • Aerial drone film recording/editing expertise and training courses.
  • Industry experienced gaffers and fixers and off road 4wd Emergency Response support.
  • Set Construction
  • DPaW World Heritage Marine Park Commercial Filming Licensing facilitation.
  • Actors and extras, specialising in local Indigenous talent.
  • Fully licensed Commercial Coxswains/Skippers for vessel support.

Shayne is a born and raised ocean lover and fulltime maritime gypsy. His particular passion is his love of Maritime Archaeology and collecting West Australian shipwreck coins. His filming expeditions have seen him work for ABC, BBC, Discovery Channel, FOXTEL, Bear Grylls and Aussie conservation a film production legend, Malcolm Douglas. He is also an accomplished drone pilot with Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems Level 1 multirotors expertise and a Civil Aviation Safety Authority to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft . Shayne is also the creator of the Australian Drone Film Festival and Robotic Films Festival. His real love though is the North West of Western Australia and any expedition which takes him there by land or sea.


Is a born and raised Shark Bay local. His passion for the ocean and cinematography comes from his mother buying him his first boat at six years of age and his first camera at seven. Five minutes in Leon’s company is like being force fed ten encyclopaedias.. all about Shark Bay. He lives in morbid fear that a visitor to the Bay may possibly leave the region without being told every amazing fact about it. Leon first appeared on national television, live via satellite broadcast on the Ray Martin Show in 1984 where he wouldn’t shut up about dolphins. Leon has changed since then. He now prefers to work behind the camera.. and won’t shut up about sharks. It is his dream that one day the Shark Bay World Heritage Wilderness Marine Park will become a shark sanctuary like its World Heritage predecessor, the Galapagos Islands Shark Sanctuary. His journey to see this vision come to reality has seen him work with ABC, The Australian Wilderness Conservancy, National Geographic, The World Wildlife Federation, The World Heritage Consultative Committee, The Department of Parks and Wildlife, Seafolly Australia and Aussie Supermodel Miranda Kerr.