The Shark Ark Project is an Australian, independent, privately funded conservation project. We are soley funded by your kindness and do not recieve any funding from the government, mainly because the Australian government still thinks killing sharks with shark nets and drumlines is ok despite so many proven and non lethal alternatives being available.

treasure-chestDuring our 5000mile coastal shark research voyage around the rugged, unresearched Northern coastline of Australia, we hold regular educational “Shark Aid” short film festivals in any towns, big or small, that we sail into. These evening events include talks by our researchers to help end the fear of our finned friends and provide some modern, non lethal, technology based solutions, as well as a showing a collection of short sharky films from all over Australia and the globe! There is also a pretty good chance of a sausage sizzle and a lamington 🙂 if you would like to join us for a feed! 🙂

Our aim aboard the Shark Ark is to provide and maintain a Shark research vessel that will be FREE of charge for Australian Marine Biologists to use as a mother ship for marine science projects in Western Australia.


It is also our dream that this marine research will help create shark marine sanctuaries around Australia, and using our freely available data, hopefully world wide.

We have a 4500litre fuel tank and when the wind doesnt blow, the engine is our only means of propulsion. With your help by donating here at our GoFundMe page, we wont have to break out the oars on our 5000 mile journey! 🙂 Making a contribution here keeps our fuel tanks full and our dream of a healthy ocean with sharks in it alive. It also means we can spend our funds on research equipment, maintenance and keeping hungry researchers and crew fed with three meals a day!

You can also contribute by joining us as crew on one of our sea legs and sharing our facebook page with a friend or maybe a potential sponsor, so that others might learn more about sharks. You could also contribute to our webpage with stories and photos or videos of shark conservation in your neighbourhood or come along to one of our Shark Aid Short Film festivals when we come through your town. You can also purchase a tshirt or coffee cup from our online store so you can be the best dressed, most highly caffienated shark lover in your town! ;b

Whatever you do, the sharks cant say thanks, but we can!! 🙂 THANKYOU!

466863_448278421868299_345245035_oYou just made a very real difference in our day to day lives. You have inspired us on the days when the weather isnt behaving and the engine is being cranky….

Its nice to know we are not alone on those days and that everyday ocean loving Aussies like you share our dream. Because what we are too! Every day, working class Australians who believe that healthy oceans need sharks!
Hope to see you aboard one day so we can say g’day and thanks for keeping us afloat!
Smooth sailing,

The Shark Ark Crew