G’Day Shark lovers and thanks in advance for your support.

This is the bit where we are meant to ask you for YOUR hard earned cash.. Everyone does it these days and well, I guess that’s part of the reason we just cant. It doesn’t seem right. We aren’t entitled to your support. Times are tough for everyone financially and this is OUR journey and we don’t want to ask for charity. We are 100% self funded in our quest to create Australia’s BIGGEST shark sanctuary in our World Heritage home. We provide support to marine science groups, local conservation groups, as well as helping aspiring natural documentary  film makers to create global multi media educational content about our World Heritage Listed Marine Park. Our aim is to make learning about sharks as easy, fun and accessible as possible and most importantly. FREE. Our team has worked with Aussie legends like Malcolm Douglas, super stars like Bear Grylls and super models like Miranda Kerr! Recently our services were even used by Sir David Attenboroughs BBC Blue Planet 2 which has been called the “greatest nature series of all time”. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/01/blue-planet-ii-is-the-greatest-nature-series-of-all-time/550583/?utm_source=fbb

We have got this far on the sweat of our brow, a lot of luck and the support of some pretty talented friends. Our friends support us with things like AMAZING websites (everything your seeing here is by long term shark lover Mr Chad McDonald, if you want a cool website like ours then you can email him at chad.mcdonald@hotmail.com) Other friends help out with maintenance aboard the Shark Ark on our adventures and passing tools to us while we are upside down and covered in grease and oil in the bilges.. The glamour never stops aboard the Shark Ark… J Even more still come to our public and always FREE, FIN Fiesta’s and local film festivals that celebrate all things sharky. They help us turn sausages, set up outdoor cinema screens, pack up chairs and pour cocktails. NONE of what we have been able to achieve would be possible without their help and we ALWAYS have room aboard for those who want to volunteer (and have a whole bunch of fun) at these events.

So back to the whole “fundraising” thing.. It is simple. We only have ONE request. That if you DO want to support us financially as you are unable to come and see our work in person, which is the way we prefer to be supported, then PLEASE support us NOT by donating, but by buying yourself some of our unique Shark Ark Merchandise right here. https://www.redbubble.com/people/sharkarkproject/shop?asc=u

The result is the same. We keep on helping Australia to change history! We get a helpful bit of cash which maintains the boat/camera equipment/crew and buys sausages for the Fin Fiesta’s.. but YOU!! Well you get the excitement of waiting for Mr Postman to bring you some funky Shark Ark Merchandise which you can personalise to your heart’s content in regards to size and colour so that the WHOLE world knows that YOU, just like us, believe that we CAN change our own backyards and that one day soon, the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park will become Australias BIGGEST shark sanctuary!